6 Ways to Personalise the Heck Out of Your Big Day

6 Ways to Personalise the Heck Out of Your Big Day

Long gone are the days when everyone had their wedding mapped out for them, when no planning was required because the decisions had already been made before anyone had even popped the question. And gosh, aren’t we relieved.

That is not to say I don’t like tradition. And that doesn’t mean I’m against the idea of supporters stepping in to arrange this, that and the other. But what I do like is choice.

A wedding should be about two people making their own choices – opinions and input may or may not be wanted (a controversial topic, I’m sure) – but ultimately the final decision should belong to the couple.

If you are reading this now and are mid-plans for your wedding, what do YOU want; what would be YOUR dream day? If the end result ticks those boxes, you have hit the wedding jackpot.

The past decade has seen a real increase in quirky weddings, and nowadays, it is all about personalisation. People are using their day as an opportunity to celebrate their lives together and this is where your perfect Celebrant steps up!

For some, this might mean adding a theme; for others, it is often about including other family members, children, or even pets in the ceremony. In a world where people share life experiences before getting hitched, this trend is becoming more popular.

A wedding is no longer just about two people exchanging vow’s and/or rings; it is now an opportunity to celebrate the relationship found and the life two people have already built together. And of course a Celebrant ceremony has all the feels of personalisation to the max!

So here are six differant wedding personalisations that I wanted to share with you guys to get the cogs turning:


Song lyrics and movie quotes…

Every couple has ‘their song’ or ‘their movie’ that resonates. Every time they hear or see it, they catch each other’s eye and smile because it reminds them of a time that was important to them. It might have been their first date, the day their child was born, or maybe even something naughty that is probably best not shared. To include it within the day seems right. Even if no other person in that room knows the significance, it doesn’t matter. I have known couples to weave film quotes into their vows, which is a really intimate touch. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes sentimental, but it always brings an element of surprise.  Whether you explain the sentiment to your guests or leave them scratching their heads, it doesn’t matter because sometimes the little secrets are the special ones.

Theme it up…

I mentioned including a song or movie line in your vows…why not take that one step further and use that as inspiration for the theme for your whole day. Wedding themes are HUGE! And the exciting part is that there is so much you can do with them; they give you a blank canvas. You could have tables named after songs by your favourite artist, a first dance taken from an iconic movie. The possibilities are endless; nothing screams personalisation more than a themed wedding.


Let the games begin…

Long gone are the days when weddings were automatically formal events. If that’s what you want, then fab, go for it. But it’s not a done deal. A popular trend continuing into 2023 is to make a ceremony fun! More and more people include games into their day, either a few rounds of quizzical questioning between the couple (although it’s best to be picky with the questions, eeek) or something on a larger scale to include the guests. Either way, the crucial element is everyone having a good time. But how quirky can you go? The options have endless. It’s also a surefire way for you to have some giggles in the build-up or in the in-between moments. Keeping a few secrets from the guests can be a lot of fun…trust me, I know!



Include everyone…

Some couples want the day to be about just them. And that’s fine. We all had lives before our children and pets came along, and sometimes it’s nice to have something in our lives that isn’t about them. I get that, and I am here waving the ‘it’s not all about them’ flag. But some also like including others in the celebrations, maybe even giving them a role. It doesn’t have to be a huge role but just enough to make them feel part of it. If you want your wedding day to be a family affair, that’s exactly what you should have. Remember that you make the rules! I have so many ideas to inspire my couples that it can become one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Planning shouldn’t be stressful; it should be fun and a memory to hold on to.


Craft some homemade touches…

We are a generation of Etsy lovers; We are all about reusing, recycling and borrowing! Couples now bring homemade delights to their day…ring boxes painted by their children and cake stands made during the hen party. Knowing that friends and family have helped create things for the day is pretty special, especially if they can be used again or kept in a prime spot to be looked at and treasured for many years to come. So get those creative juices flowing; this is the time to bring personal touches to your day.


Photo booth and disposable cameras…

Need I say any more here? The second someone mentions a photo booth, we know it will be a fun day. In one of my other blogs, I mentioned that raw photos are now more popular than ever, and I still stand by that. Professional photos will always be necessary, but we want contrast nowadays. We want blurry pictures of Uncle Ted with a curly wig tripping over a chair. We want an off-centre snap of anyone wearing a feather boa. This stuff is gold and has a place in every newlywed’s wedding album.


I could go on forever. In fact, picking just six wedding personalisations was almost impossible. If these ideas have got you thinking about what you want your day to symbolise, then come and have a chat.

We can laugh and cry and brainstorm together. I am here to listen and support…oh and to help make your special day everything you could possibly dream of, trust me when I say I am a celebrant who is as passionate about your ceremony as you are!




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