Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

baby naming

In more recent times famiies have chosen to hold a naming ceremony as opposed to the more traditional christening ceremony.

What does this mean?

In essence much like a wedding ceremony this is about creating a ceremony that reflects your family, your values, hopes and aspirations for your child and holding a ceremony to announce the arrival and name of your child. A happy relaxed occasion, this can be held wherever and whenever you choose. Your ceremony will focus upon your child, their personality, their journey and the friends and family that surround them. Ceremonies will contain elements such as parental promises and will be tailored specifically for the family and their wishes usually with readings of choice. Parents may wish to choose “guide–parents” and to hold symbolic elements within their ceremony such as a tree planting, time capsules or a unity candle.

A naming ceremony may also be a special way to welcome a stepchild, an adopted child or to welcome and celebrate the sexual orientation of someone previously known in another manner.

There is no rush, for example many naming ceremonies may combine with first birthday celebrations. I can also offer joint naming ceremonies for siblings. Celebrant Package includes meeting with parents, (wherever possible this will be in person but may be by skype if not feasible due to travel etc)collection of information, research and script writing, working with the people involved in your ceremony, working alongside the venue, organisers etc and of course delivery of ceremony.

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