Other Celebration Services

Other Celebration Services

Celebrant services are becoming increasingly popular and not just for weddings, Renewals and Namings!

The basic premise is the same, the ceremony will be unique, carefully constructed to reflect the people it is for. As many elements or individual rituals as you wish can be added and the ceremony can take place anywhere at any time of your choosing!

Where there is a celebration to be had Vidal Ceremonies can help!

Commitment ceremony

a celebration of the commitment two people make to one another without the label of wedding and legality of marriage. It may be you want the world  know that you have found your “Life partner” but don’t want to have to undergo the formality of marriage. Let’s work together to construct a meaningful ceremony to make  your declaration of lifelong commitment to each other even more special . You can share this moment with loved ones or in an intimate private way of your choosing.

Engagement ceremony

Engagment ceremonies can take place in all sorts of shapes and sizes according to culture and personal wishes. The key is that this is the celebration of a couples wish to marry and commitment to doing so. Since the earliest of times engagement ceremonies have been taking place so that families of the couple can become better acquainted before the marriage. Many of the traditional engagement rituals are now no longer used but the celebration is often still visited and a Vidal Engagement ceremony may be the way to go!

Engagement ceremonies can involve as much or as little tradition or formality as you wish, elements can include a gift giving or a blending ceremony such as whisky. The giving of symbolic flowers such as a Rose ceremony or maybe you would simply prefer the telling of your story and  your hopes and dreams for a future together .

Maybe you want to throw caution to the wind and hold a tequila shot toast, have your guests learn a wedding song or dance or have your pet poodle present the engagement ring! – you can have as much fun as you want – this is your celebration so lets work together to make it unforgettable!

Anniversary Ceremony

want to celebrate that special anniversary with a personal and individual ceremony perhaps with unity elements to reflect your joint journey through the years? Vidal Ceremonies would love to tell that special story and build a truly memorable ceremony with you. Gill is a die-hard romantic and would be honoured to share such a wonderful moment.

Sweet 16/18/21 celebrations

do you want to hold a special one off celebration of your child turning a memorable age! Would you love a script written especially for them holding all of your dearest and memorable moments. Lets make some really special memories, we can incorporate an element or two and surprise them with the most unique and personal ceremony.

Divorce ceremony

Separation and divorce can be a highly stressful and painful experience. It is a time of upheaval and uncertainty which brings challenges and change, but also new opportunities and possibilities on the horizon. Let’s celebrate the new direction of your life, the future it now holds and experiences yet to appear whilst honouring what has gone. Vidal ceremonies can create a carefully considered ceremony to support and celebrate this new beginning and add closure on the chapter that has gone before. Divorce is not a sign of failure, but one of change and circumstance. You may wish to use this ceremony to reclaim a former name for example.

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