Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Already married but want to express or make an affirmation of your love and relationship?

Then a renewal is the perfect way.

There’s no rule of thumb as to when to hold a renewal of vows, you can choose to hold a renewal at any time, be it on your first year anniversary or your 50th,! Or simply because the time feels right. A renewal of vows is all about renewing  your statements of love or  recommitting yourselves to each other. In addition it can be as small and intiate or grand and lavish as you wish.

The most important thing is that it reflects you, your story as a couple, the journey that you have been on since you married and your hopes and aspirations from here on in.

What will happen during the ceremony is up to you, we will help to reflect upon your journey  as a couple and  help with choices of elements. You will of course state your  vows to each other  and may choose to write your own new ones or use the originals, the choice is entirely yours. You may choose to exchange rings and again you can involve anyone you wish in your celebration . Let’s laugh together over the funny stories, let’s lay to rest the difficult times and lets celebrate the adventure of your love.

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