Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

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Youre Wedding, your story

So often the focus for weddings is placed upon the décor, or the party afterwards, however surely what really matters is you the couple, your story, your pledges to one another and that this day represents your love for one another and all that is important to you? That’s where I would be honoured to help and make the difference.

With Vidal Ceremonies, no one else will have a ceremony like yours, and – after all this is the most important day, isn’t it important that the person who performs the ceremony knows you, has met with you and arranged the details of your own personal ceremony with you?

Vidal Wedding Ceremonies can contain many of the elements that you and your guests would expect to see at a wedding and will certainly contain an exchange of vows and a pronouncement of your union; but also lots of beautiful details about you-the couple and often guest involvement too. This means the ceremony is warm and relaxed, and ensures we create lovely lasting memories for everyone attending.  A one of a kind ceremony.

I can also include those special people you want to include, be it to perform readings, or maybe a unity ceremony? I provide a full list of elements that you can utilise in your ceremony. I am confident that you won’t regret it, in fact most celebrant weddings and ceremonies are booked because people have attended a celebrant wedding and loved it!

There is not and never has been, a one-size fits all wedding. Yet for many years couples have felt their options were limited and hands tied , in having a ceremony dictated by law or religion. A stale, impersonal ceremony just going through the same motions as every couple before them.

Now more than ever weddings have become about personal choice, and truly inspired by the couple and their life together. Be it a vintage theme, or a camping weekender, each couple look to make their day personal and meaningful, and just really about them. With so much choice out there now to personalize your day, have you thought about how you’d like to personalize your ceremony?

wedding couple kissingAnd – If you’ve always dreamed of your wedding ceremony being held in a special place -in your own back garden, your village green, your local beach, park, a car park in the pub where you had your your first date? Vidal Ceremonies can help you to make this happen, literally anywhere, anytime  (that includes under the stars) (restrictions may of course apply)

Music, readings, poetry, crazy ideas? Yes all are possible, in fact the more individual and fun the better!

Have a pet you want to include? Yes again!

Want to get your guests involved? Yes again!

The sky really has no limits!

Wedding Celebrant Package includes meeting with couple, (wherever possible this will be in person but may be by skype if not feasible due to travel etc)collection of information, research and script writing, working with the people involved in your ceremony, working alongside the venue, organisers etc and of course delivery of ceremony.

A celebrant wedding with Gill is a one off, unique experience !

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Please note : Much like a christening or naming ceremony a marriage must be legally recognised by way of a registry office. This does not need to involve exchange of rings or personal vows (these can be saved for the wedding ceremony) but a couple must register with registrar and conduct a short signing at the Registry office at a cost of around £56. We can fully discuss during initial contact how best to arrange this.